To Dance and to Dream
People are born not only able, but eager to move their bodies. This is a basic instinct; we all have a natural joy in movement. Dancers combine this instinct with another basic human instinct - to excel - and to impose upon themselves the discipline of dance training.

The atmosphere at any school should be that in which students are encouraged to develop their unique individual talents, while at the same time learning to work as a team. This can most effectively be accomplished when the student and teacher share the common goal of learning as much as possible from each other, and to have fun while doing so.

At What Age Can My Child Start Learning Irish Dance?
The most common age for children to start Irish dancing is age 6 or 7. However, age 4 is the minimum age for the Donna Means School of Irish Dance.

Do I have to be Irish?
Certaintly not! People from all walks of life are experiencing the magic of Irish Dance, proving that anyone can be Irish at heart. We have produced champions from all continents of the world!

What Do I Wear to Class?
Dancer should wear shorts and a t-shirt/tank top or other loose-fitting shirt. Beginners can wear tennis shoes until ballet slippers can be purchased.

About the School

The Donna Means School of Irish Dance 
is under the direction of Donna Means King.

Donna is certified under the Irish Dancing Commission, Dublin, Ireland, as a teacher and adjudicator.

Before opening her school, Donna danced competitively throughout the United States, Canada, and Ireland. She represented the Western United States at the North American and World Championships several times.

Donna retired from competition as the undefeated California, Western States, and Western Canadian champion.

Donna began teaching in Escondido, but with the increase in popularity, classes were expanded to include San Diego and Temecula as well.

The students of the Donna Means School of Irish Dance have a long history of success. Many of Donna's students have gone on to follow in her footsteps, representing the Western United States at the North American and World Championships.

Donna's students enjoy entertaining at various events throughout the year... especially on Saint Patrick's Day!

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